Derek Gardner is a certified personal trainer, nutrition consultant, teacher at the National Personal Training Institute in Philadelphia, and owner of the Finisher Fitness training studio in Ivyland, PA. He graduated at the top of his class from the National Personal Training Institution, which provided him with 500 hours of hands-on training experience and practical education including nutrition, anatomy, and physiology.

In his five years of professional experience, Derek has trained people of all shapes, sizes, and skill levels. He loves his work, and has fun helping others with self-improvement and self-education. Derek regularly talks to mentors, attends seminars, reads books, and subscribes to websites from some of the best trainers in the country so that he can put his clients on the best possible path to success. He sets goals for himself as well as his clients, and this “we, not I” approach has gained him a large following.

Derek has always been athletic, and grew up playing team sports. While he may not have always been the best on the team, he maintained his positive, humble attitude, and was looked upon as a leader and contributor. Derek also served as assistant coach of the Council Rock North freshman football team, and conducted speed, agility, and conditioning workouts.

At Finisher Fitness, Derek offers personalized fitness programs to meet each client’s individual needs. He hosts Boot Camp classes for clients, and provides speed and agility training for athletes. In addition, Derek conducts nutrition seminars and fitness program design for sports teams, fire stations, and business offices. Derek trains his clients – as well as his friends and family – to focus on overall lifestyle changes, not just exercise. He encourages them to eat healthy, go outdoors, get off the couch, and take their kids out to play so they too will develop healthy lifestyle patterns. While he is known for his excellent verbal motivation skills, Derek strives to lead by example. His motto is a saying he learned from one of his mentors: “Not talking about it, but being about it”.

The best way to contact Derek is by email: finisherfitness@comcast.net; or phone: (267) 987-5355. He can also be found on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and his website: http://www.finisherfitness.com.


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