Fan Bike’s

Fan Bikes are a great tool for conditioning and fat loss. They are low impact on the joints so they can be used as a good option in some cases if you are nursing an injury. Also because they are low impact, they can be used frequently as well.


We use them often for fat loss protocols as it is easy to do some high intensity work on them. Almost anybody of any skill can use them. Simply ride as hard as you can and make the fan go as fast as possible. We perform this method in the style of intervals. Intervals are great for fat loss because your body is forced to spend the day recovering which burns energy resulting in a good amount of calories being burned post training session. Also resulting in speeding up the metabolism. Just try not to run yourself into the ground with too many high intensity sessions a week. One to three sessions a week should do the trick depending on the person.

Some of our favorite intervals for fat loss are 20 seconds ride hard 10 second break for 8 rounds. Another favorite is 30 seconds fast 30 seconds slow for anywhere from 4 to 20 minutes. This one gives off great changes in intensity with somewhat of an aerobic feel too.

For our athletes we will use shorter explosive spurts or time frames to help build the short more explosive energy system up a bit. So if you are an athlete, try some bike sprints at 10 seconds hard 10 seconds off for 8 to 10 rounds. Another option is 20 seconds as hard as possible with 40 seconds slow for anywhere from 4 to 15 minutes depending on the athlete.

Fan bikes are an awesome buddy work out tool as well. One day a bunch of my clients set 1 bike to run down from 10 minutes in a group of 4 people and tried to rack up as many calories as they possibly could in that time frame. No rules, just simply ride until you are tired then let someone else hop on. Be careful this will crush you if you are a rookie.


As far as form goes just here are some tips:Sit up straight, neck still, eyes forward, breath in through your noes & out through your mouth. Keep a puffy proud chest, keep your elbows close to the sides of your body, grip tight, stay relaxed and pump those legs as hard you can. Keep the effort high on the bikes ladies and gents. Push your heart rate on them.

(Picture on the left is incorrect form and a huge waste of energy, picture on the right is correct form with better energy conservation)


Good luck everybody! Let me know if you have any questions.




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