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10 Minutes A Day

This was a great rule ingrained in me about an year ago. I told myself, no matter how busy I get make 10 minutes a day to work out! Obviously sometimes we have more time than 10 minutes but when life is feeling like a million miles an hour working out can be put on the back burner.


However, this is the worst possible thing we can do as your world, life and existence is better with exercise. A specific exercise program, designed accordingly to your goals, done at certain times, for certain days using specific tooling is optimal for results. However, if on someday’s you are not able to make your work outs, or if you are on vacation or if it is a very busy time for you in your life, adapt this 10 minutes a day approach. It is for sure better than nothing, will get the endorphins rushing, decrease anxiety and depression. You will burn calories, get some movement in, keep your bones, muscles and heart strong and healthy.

We all have 10 minutes; don’t let yourself think you don’t. These work outs can be done in doors, outdoors, at your house, on your sofa or you can do them as soon as you lift your head off the pillow right next to your bed in the morning, to get the blood flowing and prevent any chance for missing a work out like I do.


(set a clock for 10 minutes do each exercise for as fast as possible)

10 Anaconda Push Ups / 10 Elevated Front Foot Reverse Lunges Each Side/Shuffle (20 yards) to & from



sofa circuit.png

30 seconds an exercise 4 different exercises 4 rounds in 10 minutes

Step ups / Hip Thrusts / Mountain Climbers / Dips


(Below are several circuits where you only need to use one piece of equipment. Not only are these great if you are limited in equipment, these work outs tend to be some of my favorite………..)

dumbell circuit.png

The Dumbell Complex

5 reps of each exercise overhead press, reverse lunge (each leg) bent over row / squat as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes


The band 20 seconds work 10 second rest circuit for 10 minutes

Squat and Row/Half Kneeling Face Pulls/Alternating Lunge and Press/Anti Rotation/Swimmers

The Furniture Mover or Plastic Bag Circuit

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds

Reverse Lunge/Prone Jack Knifes/Leg Curls/1 arm reach with push up (no push up if beginner)


You will be surprised about how much you can accomplish in ten minutes time and how effective as well as beneficial ten minutes can be. This is not only a great method for jump starting your day, creating a caloric deficit, staying on track, regardless your goal it is also a great place for any beginner to start! Hope this helps!





Five Steps To Fat Loss

Sometimes we make fat loss out to be more complex than it needs to be. A ton of people think more is better when it comes to fat loss. However, physiology it is better to keep your approach short in duration and high in intensity. Also most of the time the real world comes into play and time is the limiting factor when it comes to fat loss. So keep these simple tips and this simple approach in mind gor optomizing fat loss.


1) Activity Level Higher  – walk when on the phone, walk at lunch, active transportation, 5,000 to 10,000 steps a day.

2) Create a Caloric Deficit – Some people say “eat less” but if you starve you wcould deplete your thyroid function, so your metabolism down. So lets start small at first, here is a small step that works wonders. Eat 250 calories less than what you do now and burn 250 a day. This is a 500 calorie a day  start. Over the course of 7 days thats 3,500 calories which would result in 1 pound of weight loss a week. 4 pounds of weight loss a month. 12 pounds in 3 months. If you are considered obese, maybe you cut 500 calories and burn 500 now your talking 7000 a week, 2 pound weight loss a week, 8 a month and 24 pounds down in 3 months!

3) 10 Minutes Hard A Day Rule – Everybpdy has 10 minutes. If you are not in the gym use your body weight or one piece of equipment.

Do times sets 30 seconds work 30 rest for 10 minutes. Or use body weight and select an upper body, lower body, & cardio exercise and do 10 reps, 9 reps, 8 reps all way to 1 rep, as fast as possible, using clean form. Some exercuses you could use for this could be Body Weight Squats, Free Push Ups, Burpees.

4) Get a Trainer and Do The Following Approach When In The Gym:

The goal is to lose fat not weight. Don’t get me wrong if you are over weight, you need to get your to a healthy weight. However, you can starve and the scale number could drop, but if you don’t look leaner, more dense and leaner in your jeans then who cares about how much you lost.

The key is to do it right by speeding your metabolism, to make your body a fat burner. By lifting moderate weights for 8 to 12 reps, using short rest periods, that have a lower body to upper exercise type flow. An example of this coukd be 10 dead lifts rest 30 seconds, 10 Dumbell  Rows rest 30 seconds and repeat for 4 rounds. Now you are getting a large caloric disturbance throughout your body by working larger muscle groups and by alternating from upper to lower exercises. This is just a basic set up for fat loss training, for more ideas on exercises to utilize or program design feel free to contact me.

Also when done lifting weights in that particular fashion, make sure to perform hard bouts of high intensity cardio enriched intervals to conclude your work out. The harder forms of exercise helps to burn a large amount of calories during training and especially after, do to how hard your body has to work to recover.

5) Nutrition (This is actually the most important thing)

Drink a gallon of water a day
Eat less doughy foods
Eat foods from the earth
Eat less dairy and sugar
Eat your body weight in protein a day
Eat to 80% full
Stay hungry longer
Dont eat before bed