As most of us are aware, weight training is crucial to bone, tissue, skeletal health. It helps us to get stronger and look better. The key is to stay frequent and consistent to your training and provide the body with enough stimuli to where it can respond and then adapt.


There are so many ways to resistance train, many rep schemes, a large variety of exercises. What you do and what another person may need to do as far as approach may be two different things. Every individual and every goal is different.

However provided below I listed 10 rules to follow when resistance training regardless your goals or approach.

Hope this Helps!


1)            Lift light before you lift heavy

2)            Practice the exercise before you perform it

3)            Full ranges of motion / no momentum

4)            Quality over quantity

5)            Stable exercises before unstable exercises

6)            Master your body weight first

7)            Isolation exercises are secondary to multi muscle group exercises

8)            If you feel pain stop

9)            The best way to regress an exercise is to drop the amount of weight

10)          Stand as much as possiblebarbell


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