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Dereks Personalized Nutrition

Most of the time I eat 2x a day. I eat roughly  about 3000 calories daily. I don’t track my macronutrients (carbs,fats,proteins) but I try to eat high protein, some good fats and little carbs (mostly green carbs) each meal. I only eat to 80% full give or take. I keep my portion sizes acceptable. On resistance training days I try to eat a piece of fruit, drink water and coffee before, and then have some proteins and carbs post work out.



So I Wake up 4/5/6am get tons of water and a cup of coffee in me. No breakfast.

Noon & 830pm are generally my eating times. I just feel more cognitive, higher energy, less lethargic. So I actually practice alot of time between meals, but I dont stress or get to anal about it at all. My meals are usually some chicken, broccoli, fish or lean meat with a shake full of spinach, avocado, sometimes sweet potatoes, brown rice, oat meal, after work outs mostly when insulin levels are most susceptible.

1x a week I eat a really high calorie meal with a ton of carbs (cheesesteak & french fries)

I try to resistance train tues and thurs morns or after a nap on friday and saturday afternoons. However I’m not a robot and also hate structure as it shuts down my creativity. So sometimes this changes which may alter my eating habits a bit.

(Everybody is different. What works for me may not work for you. Nutrition is 100% relative and is a case by case, variable by variable type thing.)

Let me know what questions you got!