Nutrition Individulization

No singular diet is best. What works for one person may not work for the next.


I eat heavy at night and drink coffee and eat less in the beginning of my day. I feel more cognitive and energized this way. I always try to eat protein first, good fats second, carbs last. I eat like a carnivore on high intensity weight training days with carb intake in the both the morning and post work out. I eat more like a vegetarian with very small if any carbs on lower intensity cardio/movement days. I cheat 1 x a week for a meal. Not a whole day. I dont go nuts. Always pushing water. This is what works for me. What works for you may be different.

Spend some time being consistent. Testing. Giving things a shot. Most importantly collecting personalized data on how your NUTRIENTS are effecting your behavior and outcomes.

When you eat before bed how do you sleep and feel the next day? What about if you don’t eat before bed? When you eat small feedings every 2 to 5 hours how does your body respond? What about when you eat larger more caloric meals and space them out when further. How is your training performance/activity levels effected from what you are eating? Is the style & foods you chose helping you to refuel/recover properly? Is your body susceptible to small doses of complex carbs? Do they fit you best in the morning?


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