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Triathlon Sprint & Discomfort

Humans were created to do incredible things and given the unique gift of forming their own existence. Anything that forces fear, discomfort, nervs of doing something you have never done before will make you push yourself. It is exactly the place you need to go to for growth. When you put yourself in these sittuations and put in the preperation it takes, you get the experience of the process that goes into getting it. You also gain the incredible confidence boost and momentum that comes along with accomplishing it as well.


A human with confidence, building momentum, not afraid to step up and put themselves in sittuations of challenge for growth, is a scary thing.

I think every 6 months (at least) we must put ourselves through personal challenges. Fitness related. Nutrition related. Job related. Personal life. Hobbies etc. Any challenge is a good challenge.

The past 6 weeks I have been training for a Triathlon Sprint in Wildwood NJ.
(.25 swim/ 10 mile bike / 3.1 run)
I got to grow my relationship with my best friend Brian and Brandon, and a lot of my clients (team) by getting into the trenches with them all to prepare.

In the true confession category I dont really know how to swim and to a degree fear it. It was the weak link for me yesterday for sure. Next year I am going higher a swim coach to help myself get better. 6 weeks ago I would say things limiting my potential like I’m not good at biking or running. So I almost made the mistake of not doing this yesterday. However we are products of what we think and our actions. So thanks to my amazing team I became a biker and runner. I tell you this just as another reminder that just because you are not good at something, if you put in the work and your mind to it you can accomplish it.

This type of training can be great for anybody who simply wants to maintain staying “ready” for anything fitness related that may be thrown at them at anytime. Great for movement addicts, endurance atheletes and fat loss clients.

Weeks 1&2 (low capacity/low internsity/frequency )
So we did everything in half at a moderate pace for simplicity.  1x a week. We also lifted 2x a week to prevent injury. Exercises such as squats, lunges, chin ups, push ups, lunges, etc…

Weeks 3&4 (full capacity. Moderate intensity. Moderate frequency)
Now we did the actual course, at full speed or slightly under, 2x a week. We also lifted 2x a week. So you can expect to feel like you are truly getting ready during this time.

Week 5 (full capacity . Low frequency. HIGH intensity)
This week we did the course as hard as we could just 1x that week. Then focused on lifting 3x a week. Also just keeping an aerobic base of simple bike rides etc.

Week 6 (low capacity. Low internsity. High frequency.)
The final week the focus was on maintaining our aerobic base by staying aerobic, nutrition and not over doing it. Lifting or aerobic training. So we did low level light road work. Such as running for duration. Kayaking. Biking. Long bouts of aerobic work.

As far as a challenge, yesterday was very difficult. So difficult I think there is so much more that I can do in life in general now because of it. Not to mention I had a blast with amazing people. Next year I will be doing the full triathlon. 1 mile swim. 20 mile bike. 6.2 mile run.

Keep challenging yourself everybody!


Little Less / Little More

More or Less….


Training comes down to variables and the proper dose. Each individual is its own case study.

Although it’s overly simplicit. Often times the way you feel should be an indicator if your program, nutrition, and life style are suitable for you.

Here’s some key elements that you either need more of or less of (believe it or not)
to increase your results….

(muscle building – not enough intensity or frequency  or too often to much volume?

(long low intensity cardio) If your resting heart rate is above 60 beats per minute start implementing this. It will help you decrease stress and recover better.
(30 to 90mins 120-150 heart rate)
Also on one hand  is this all you ever do or are you the never implement it ever person?

High stress people should do this less frequently. Not never. Just less times than they probably are per week. Same with high intensity athletes. Your sympathetic  (fight or  flight nervous system needs a break)
(conditioning/lifting) (160+ Heart Rate)


CARBS (less bread,dough,pasta, grains for fat loss/ more oatmeal, sweet potatoes, at breakfast and after training for mesamorphs)

FATS less from salty fried foods more from avocados, almonds, fish, eggs

PROTEINS (more of your calories should start here or come from here more than likely)

WATER (1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces)

Duration / Quality

Stress relief
Getting things done
Promising less

We are products of the extreme or depreviation, rather than moderation. Fill your bucket up the perfect amount. If you dont have enough water in the bucket fill it up a bit. If you have to much water dump some out.

Stimulation & The Woods

Once a week I try to get into nature. Like out there. Way out there. “Nowhere land.” I go everywhere, parks, the woods, trails wherever. Somewhere that my cell phone doesn’t get service and my mind is forced to go into deep thought. I then come up with the most FUN work out I can think of and try not to structure it too much. I let whatever happens simply happen. Opposite of the way we live our lives. Which is very structured and pre-determined as you know. I give the work out a name and then I go and attack.


I do this to build physical and mental toughness. I take a cross training approach and mix in various forms of strong man training (rock carrying, log flipping) and also mix in gymnastic style body weight movements. Push Ups, tree climbing, chin ups on bridges for a few examples.

Humans were not created to sit in front of computers or become subject to a reality TV shows brain washing us on how to think, interact and socialize. We also weren’t created to eat food put inside a box that will never get old because of all the chemicals placed in it. We were created for movement, brain power and constant positive stimulation causing growth. We should never take that for granted.

tyler park

I try to keep the experience FUN , use it as a getaway and allow for it to provide those forms of stimulation. For instance, more times than not I do this by myself. This way it is a good opportunity for me to remove myself from the fast paced world, traffic, technology that we are accustom too.

High intensity training is not always the answer. If you are a follower of my blogs you have read some of my info discussing the importance of having high training days and low training days. These days, I actually do tend to keep on the harder/higher intensity side. Build a huge endorphin rush, sweat my shirt off, and run/walk/bike/climb/crawl/kayak, all throughout the most beautiful spots of nature I can find. I want that true “ME vs ME experience.”

Your mind simply works different during these times. Your body feels and reacts different. You are forced to progress as a human. Your world slows down. You gain confidence and a weird ultimate respect for the privilege of movement and the earth. Over the past 2 week some of my hardest workers came with me. It was incredible the way we all were enjoying the rush as a unit.

Let your mind and body exert. Get the rush and benefits of the stimulation this provides!