3 Ingredients To An Effective Training Program

Effective training programs will incorporate periodization, specificity, and overload, while avoiding overtraining.


Switching it up is important for boredom and plateau. However, you must constantly present a block devoted to a new training stimulus to the body forcing it to repeatedly adapt. For example do pushups until you are good at them. If you only do them every so often you will never get better at them and adapt.



A “little of this and a little of that” can be helpful and your body can benefit from a small dose of everything, but sometimes you must train for a specific, desired outcome. You will train differently to build muscle mass than you would to improve performance. You would train differently if you wanted to run a marathon as opposed to play football.

Progressive Overload:

If the body is not given an overload, it will not adapt. If there is no adaptation, you will not get any stronger or any more conditioned than you already are. Did you get eight reps at 100lbs last time? Try for nine today, or try to get eight reps at 105lbs. Keep it basic. Simple. One step at a time.

Hope this helps!


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