Active Rest / Activity Level


Our bodies are victims or products of stress!
We must provide stress to our bodies everyday! A tough work out creates stimulus and adaptation for your muscles, central nervous system, heart, bones, tissue. On the other hand, if we provide the body with too much stimulus, too much intensity, too frequently, this could lead to over doing it and the injuries / funk that comes with that.

There is a big difference between a structured specific training plan and protocol, followed adequately with detail on a consistent schedule verse some active rest or doing things to increase your activity level. Active rest is important to aid with recovery. Not to mention increases your activity level resulting in more calories burned!  If we must provide the body with stress each day, its important we find that common ground of what to do and when. Lack of movement decreases blood flow, stiffens tissue and decreases bone density. Being sedentary on off days is not the answer.

Simply walking, foam rolling (self massage), mobility drills (full of movement), hiking, biking, where there is no true pace set or structured training, can be an ideal way to provide low level stress to the body to build recovery and stay overall healthy.

Active rest / Activity level can be missing variables to process in seeking the results you desire! Add this to your gameplan and life style if it’s not already part of the plan!

Hope you enjoyed the read!


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