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TESTOSTERONE – The Godfather Hormone of Muscle Growth

Want a higher sex drive? Better bone health? Want to be bigger, stronger, smarter, increase energy and confidence? Testosterone is the most important muscle building hormone as it promotes protein synthesis!



I’m sure there really doesn’t need to be much more said as to why high Testosterone levels are important! If you’re someone who would like to improve on this, check out the quick tips below!



By recruiting more total muscle mass along with a challenging motor pattern it leads to a big metabolic stress on your body. This is the perfect formula for releasing more Testosterone. So dead lifts, squats, Olympic lifts such as cleans or snatches, kettle bell swing, bench presses and military presses are some good options for example!



2 sets of of 10 reps, throwing in the towel and then going home because you are too tired isn’t going to do the job! You must be providing the body with some decent levels of volume to produce a high testosterone response. My rule of thumb is to shoot for 30-50 total reps per compound exercise. Favoring more sets than reps to get there! This is actually a very conservative and considered normal volume amount. High rep training can ware you out over time and cause overuse injury /over training if done too frequently, without proper recovery attention. So play your cards right!



This does not mean, jacking up the music and running into a wall then doing push ups. Intensity used in the world of training means to use greater resistance. This can come and be manipulated in many forms. Range of motion, resistance tooling, weight (loads), decreasing rest periods, playing around with the way in which you perform your sets!




Eat Cholesterol dense foods

Cholesterol is the pre cursor to testosterone. There’s no other way for your body to produce it naturally. So without it you are decreasing your chances to improve your body’s most powerful muscle-building hormones. Cave man foods such as, whole eggs, beef, shrimp, cheese, are cholesterol rich. To minimize raising your triglycerides (bad cholesterol) be sure to consume organic foods, minimize starchy carbs, eat plenty of vegetables, and exercise on a regular basis.


Post work out:  protein + carbs in a 2 to 1 gram ratio post work out. One of the biggest benefits is that it reduces catabolic hormones and boosts anabolic hormones. Your bodies ability to “rev up.”


Add these nutrients to your diet:


Magnesium – fish, nuts, seeds, avocados, bananas, raisins

Zinc – shellfish, beef, pork, chicken, legumes, nuts, seeds



SIDE NOTE:  By the way for while women are considered to be “all estrogen,” the testosterone levels in healthy women are 10 times greater than their estrogen levels. To lose body fat and build muscle to look leaner it is very important ladies!


Here’s me increasing my testosterone levels the other day……. 355lb Trap Bar Dead Lift for 11 reps!




“What is wrong with me, I’m always tired?” A question I get all the time! Sure there may be something wrong with you physiology wise, however you must understand that it’s your habits that is causing your physiology to become hindered. Here are some tips to prevent and improve yourself from feeling exhausted all day every day!


It starts here! Be stricter with going to bed on time. Get 6 to 8 hours. It is key that your body recovers repairs and grows from 6 to 8 hours of QUALITY – DEEP sleep! Sleep deprivation can cause sugar cravings and increase in stress levels. Stress kills, and kills you fast. Stop eating about 2 hours out from when you want to go to sleep. Your body will still be working to digest your food and will disrupt your deep sleep potential if you don’t. Turn off your phone (TV) or any technology about 20/30 minutes before bed. Studies prove that technology or light can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night! Also don’t work out to close to bed. This will excite your nervous system to high and could keep you awake. Take a shower, do some deep breathing exercises to fully relax, then hit the sac.  I know this sounds simple but people do not take sleep serious enough.. Great sleepers have great habits! Implement these habits asap and you will more than likely feel better immediately!


2) GET OUTSIDE (vitamin D)

Obviously exercise is vital in all forms. Resistance training and cardio training both improve hormone levels, blood flow, and your heart rate! Huge contributors and ingredients to improving energy! By exercising you prevent a lack of movement (which is key to preventing ruts, depression and improving your attitude) the less you do the more accustom you get with doing less. The less we challenge our bodies to function on a daily basis and the faster our energy levels decrease! If ever you get the chance to train outdoors DO IT! Natural sun light contains high levels of Vitamin D! Which is a vitamin that surprisingly most of us are deficient in without knowing it!



Magnesium is a mineral that causes for an increased need for oxygen during exercise. If this is low it makes things harder and you will tire faster! It is found in our bones, tissue and organs. Eat more spinach (LOTS OF GREENS), almonds, cashews and soy beans!



Your body needs this to grow and work to its full potential. If your body is constantly under fueled and under developed of course you will be tired!


5) You eat too much sugar!

Check this graph out for a easy to understand visual……

sugar cycle



Caffeine gets a bad rap because it can cause restlessness, insomnia, and even heart problems when you exceed the recommended cap of 300 mg a day (that’s roughly three small cups of coffee).  Skip the sugar-packed sodas and energy drinks, and sip coffee or tea instead — but no more than a couple of cups a day. “If you drink a whole pot of coffee, the high amount of caffeine will stress your adrenal glands, the body’s stress handlers, and your blood sugar drops.”



If you’re feeling sluggish, there’s a good chance you’re dehydrated. Nearly every system in the body requires water to function properly, so if it doesn’t have enough, it slows down.


You must pay attention to the stimulus you provide to your body! If the work out the day before was full of heavy lifts and high intensity then you may want to do more of a cardio, less central nervous demanding approach the next work out. Just the opposite if you did a ton of volume and reps the day before and it was a longer duration of a training session, the following day would be wise to shorten down the duration and increase the intensity! These are just a few examples. Training the same muscle groups to frequently, constant excessive soreness, circuit training too often, 3 hour work outs done a few times a week for months on end with bad recovery mechanics are some other examples that will cause over training! Provide your body with different stimuli while choosing exercises and set schemes that will are specific to your goals!

If you would like further detail into how a generalized week of training should look like check out this post: