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8 Training Mistakes

1) Not consuming protein after resistance training Remember training is a short term stimulus. Adaptation occurs via rest, regeneration, proper nutrition. Protein is used for the building blocks of the body! In order for the body to properly adapt and build we must provide it with the proper fats, carbs and proteins! A shake or protein bar post resistance training in my opinion is crucial for growth! SIMON COWELL   2) Terrible sleep habits and sleep quality Going right along with the above point, if your body is not fully recovered obviously your performance will hinder in your next work out. Not to mention you are limiting your body’s potential for positive response! Stress will build in the body and you will store body fat as a result. Obviously a bad thing! Meditate, shower, deep breath, write down your to do list for the following day, don’t eat for about an hour or so before bed and make your room as dark as possible to enhance and improve your sleep habits and quality!   3) Always training to failure There is a time and place to challenge your mind, central nervous system and muscles with a set to absolute failure. However performing each exercise, every set, of every exercise, work out after work out, week in and week out will inevitably lead to compensated form! This will result in acute or over use injuries! In my opinion the most important training variable is frequency! Train to failure to often and you will find yourself becoming less frequent in the gym do to over training affects! Such as lack of motivation, delayed on set muscle soreness, feeling worn down, adrenal gland fatigue and more! A better approach would be to pick an exercise a week to hammer and that’s it! 4) Exercise and thinking it will improve the appearance of your butt structure   Not all Leg exercises are hip dominate. In fact some leg exercises in excess could lead to hypertrophy (growth) in the quads. If you want a better looking butt you should favor hip dominate exercises such as Bridges, Supine Jack knifes, Single leg dead lifts, dead lifts, kettle bell swings, mini band abduction! These choices are more prone to develop the hip as its primary mover rather than exercises like forward lunges, squats, step ups, that favor the quads. 5) Circuit Training for Muscle Hypertrophy (growth) Sets, reps, loads, exercise selection, set types amongst other variables performed in a strategic, manipulated fashion play a big role in building and growing muscle. Your muscles need the repetition of this to learn the motor patterns of the exercise and for the muscles to endure enough stimuli to adapt. For instance a compound set (2 exercises similar muscle groups) of Bench press to Push Ups for sets of 10 reps with a controlled tempo where the muscles face a lot of time under tension, with minimal rest periods between sets will put you in a good position for hypertrophy if your goal was to build your chest, anterior dealt and triceps muscles. Circuit training, can lead to some muscle growth, but is more so a way to burn calories, get the heart rate up and challenge your recovery capability and conditioning systems! 6) Never Doing a Challenge Work Out  When is the last time you pushed yourself? You must truly put yourself through a 10 out of a 10 work out intensity, type training session in order to be humbled enough to recall what a tough training work out should feel like! Sometimes we work out at 7 out of 10 effort without even realizing it. If there is something “you hate” or “suck” at here is the time to do it. I don’t like to run personally, so I don’t make it the base of my training but I do it every here and there to challenge myself mentally and physically! The challenge can be used as a reminder to help you to realize where you stand and whether or not to pick it up or if you are doing better than you thought. Put yourself through a grueling conditioning work out to test recovery and work capacity capability! Try a high rep high volume work out to test muscle endurance and to really shock your muscles! Just a few examples! 7) Never Switching Up Training Protocols  Do you stick to the same exercises, same routine, same weights, same exercise order and structure every single work out of each week? Although your body needs frequency and consistency for adaptation you must switch up the stimulus to prevent boredom and to keep your body guessing! Not to mention boredom and platues! Have you ever done true strength training? Strength training being Low reps (1-6) / heavy weight (80 to 100% loads / for 2 to 6 sets/ 2 to 5 minutes of rest! Do you only strength train and never do any muscle building? Moderate reps 6 to 12 reps / (60 to 70 % loads) / 2 to 6 sets / 60 to 90 seconds rest!? When is the last time you tried endurance training? High reps (12+) / 2-3 sets / 50% or less loads/ 30 sec or less rest! Switch it up and you will prevent boredom, training blocks and injuries! 8) Not using proper progression If you can’t do a body weight squat to a parallel thigh or below, without tucking your spine (butt wink) at the bottom of the movement, without the ability for the heals to stay in contact with the floor and without the knees from caving in….. then why in the world are loading the pattern!? The #1 rule of proper training should be to do no harm! Training should help you to progress and accomplish your aesthetic and performance goals! Basically helping you to move, look and feel better! Not to create unbearable soreness, make you sick or cause injuries due to impatient and unacceptable exercise choices!


Holiday Eating / Work Out Tips


The July 4th BBQ’s are here! This means social eating and time kill eating. Having a hot dog for the occasion is ok. Having 5 or 6 is obviously a different story! Don’t choose to “total the car” over a “flat tire.”

Here’s some quick work outs, fun activity ideas that you could use and even involve the family! You don’t necessarily have to follow a strict training protocol over the holiday. In fact you probably shouldn’t. Just take a few minutes to break a sweat, keep the activity levels high and burn some calories. Then get back after it in the gym the following day! Below are some helpful nutrition tips as well!



HOLIDAY WORK OUT / ACTIVITY IDEAS (remember spend a quick 30 minutes breaking a sweat)

Family relay races


Sports – football/ soccer/ basketball / dodge ball

50 rep burpee / squat jump / push up challenge for time (go at a pace where form does not diminish)

Family walk around the block before you eat then another walk around the block

5 minute lunge challenge

Sprint 30 yards jog back 10 rounds

“Holiday body weight circuit” 10 reps: pushups / slow tempo squats / mountain climbers / straight leg sit ups / jumping jacks


*Eat a salad (low amount of calories) and some *good fats* (avocados are my favorite healthy fat choice J)  before you go to your get together. This will help you to feel more satiated and prevent you from consuming everything you see….

*Drink a lot of water (you will not be as hungry)

*1 PLATE RULE – eat whatever you want, but only one plate of about 700 or less calories! Don’t go up for a second plate. This will allow you to get a “little of this and a little of that” without completely “totaling the car!”

*Eat SLOW…..crap food can be guzzled down due to the low nutrient content no problem. Take your time and pace yourself. This will prevent getting a second plate as well.

*Try not to drink sugar. This is a great way to save yourself a few hundred calories. Eat the burger with a water and lemon.

*Enjoy your food!!! Stressing out about what you’re about to eat will raise your cortisol levels and you now you will be prone to store body fat! If you have a good relationship with food and your nutrition habits in the first place, then you should not feel guilty about having some “bad food choices” for the holiday. Enjoy the time with friends, family and the food. However if the holiday food doesn’t feel like anything different than your daily eating habits it’s time to put a change to that asap!

Hope you all are able to use some of these tips! Happy 4th!