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“You will spend time and energy on your health either way, you mine as chose to do it now!”

Every Sunday, I spend some time prepping my week! I do personal prep, and biz/trainer prep! Biz/trainer prep as in preparing blogs, emails, scheduling, program design for that week’s work outs, what training articles I will read that week to help me further improve on my craft etc! Personal prep as in what goals I want to accomplish in the gym that week, what foods I want to eat and even physically preparing them. Prepping what things I want to get better at in the gym! I also may add behavioral prep to my personal list sometimes as well if I feel like I’m slipping up a little bit. This might be something as simple as getting to bed on time so my body recovers properly, and trying not to eat out for the week or something like that. Sunday prep is a great tool, to help you stay organized, keep you on track, and help to put yourself in a great position to getting results!

prep check list

Listed below I came up with a few tactics that I think are important to a good Sunday prep . Set yourself up to dominate the week! Remember don’t go nuts and stress yourself out with this, just simply have fun and use it as a guidance tool!

#1 Prep your food . Go to the store and food shop the perimeter! Think caveman! Any lean meats, greens, fruits, seed, nuts, veggies are fair game! After you shop, cut everything up, cook it, boil, and then put it into bins so you can grab and go in the morning!

#2 Write in a note book 2 goals you want to accomplish that week! Not 10 just 2 and crush them both! Not having a weekly goal is exactly how training becomes monotonous and how you get stagnate!

#3 Have an aesthetic goal you want to get to that week! Don’t get me wrong I’m all about feeling and moving better, however there’s nothing like dropping some body fat or looking better in the mirror! Just a reminder safe weight loss is 2/3 pounds a week depending on the person!

#4 This may not seem like it has to do much with training, but organize everything that you can think of! Your desk, your room, your car, get your gym bag ready. We live busy life styles. One flaw in our daily routine, because we can’t find something or something along those lines could easily cost us valuable minutes in the gym!

#5 Get your mind right! Watch something or read something that amps you up or leaves you wanting to get better during the upcoming week! With all the motivational speaking and inspirational videos on the internet, the classic motivational story books these days, you won’t have trouble finding something that will help your mind and body work as a unit!