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One of the hardest tasks in life is to maintain motivation for something. Especially, throughout a duration of time. Worldwide known strength coach Mike Boyle, has a great analogy, that he often uses, when speaking of training. He says “training is like farming.” My interpretation of that is, you first plant your flowers; you have to constantly stay up to date and do something new every day to enhance and better the overall growth of your flowers or crops. You have to do what is necessary on a constant, consistent basis to prevent any hinder in the process. You have to have a plan, a goal a vision, what you want your farm to look like. Bad weather, or life events won’t stop you from getting out there and improving your farm for at least a few minutes bit each day! Then with time, your farm will become better and better, until it gets to where you want it to be.

Training is pretty much this same thought process. If you don’t give yourself time, stay focused, stay consistent, do what it takes both in and outside of the gym, then you will never get the results you want. Taking action is key! However, taking action and primarily, staying motivated to continue taking action over a long haul to accomplish whatever your goal is can be very tough.

Sometimes we grow bored of our work outs. Sometimes we grow bored of the food we are eating. Life gets in the way. We lose sleep. Sometimes we get tired and do not want do anything all day. Sometimes we don’t value training and simply lack the motivation to want to do it at all. Along with many other things that occur when we start to grow unmotivated.

Here is a list, of some basic tips and steps  you can do to help yourself stay motivated with your training process for the long haul! I have used these concepts and tips with hundreds of clients over the years, and myself included! Hope they help you as much as they have helped us! Some of these tips are very basic. This is more so a tip list. So if you need further explanation on some of the tips feel free to email me or ask! Some of the tips and steps on this list you may already be doing. The point of this article is to provide, easy to implement reminders and things to do to help you maintain staying on top of your game for a longer period of time!

  • Sleep deep for 6 to 8 hours – it starts here
  • Get a trainer that knows what to do – being held accountable and getting some structure helps your mind
  • Prevent injuries at all cost – if you do no harm you will be able to progress more often
  • Manage your stress levels – going hard every single work out will set you up to fail
  • Stop eating like your 10 year old – you will feel better and train better
  • Move more – the more your blood flows the more you will want to continue to be active
  • Complain less – if you mind sucks so will your results
  • Train harder – hmm maybe you don’t train as hard as you could be????
  • Listen to your favorite music – training should be a great time and hard work!
  • Switch up your work outs but don’t lose focus of your goals – if you want to get stronger, Zumba 5x a wk isn’t the answer for this goal and you will grow unmotivated if you’re not getting results
  • Get a really good training partner – a team can always accomplish more than an individual
  • Stop hanging out with anyone that is lazy and will provoke you from training
  • Challenge yourself once a month (ex. Push up contest / 100 rep squat challenge)
  • Enter a sporting event, Spartan race, etc…
  • Active rest – going for hikes, climbing monkey bars at the park, help you to clear your mind and stay motivated
  • Cut down your duration in the gym and increase the intensity – doing less but harder on those tired days really help

Hope this helps! Would love for you guys to add some ideas you may have tried in the past! Get motivated!!