Monthly Archives: December 2014


  1. Eat cleaner. If you eat like a child (candy, sugary, high fat, high carb food) you will become over weight and have a ton of health risk problems! Eat less throughout the day, eat fruits, veggies, and lean meats and drink lots of water! Almost all the time. Not just sometimes!
  2. If you have an addictive personality you should probably change who you associate yourself with! Fat people hang out with other fat people, drug addicts hang with drug addicts, drunks hang with drunks, etc. Don’t get mad at me for keeping it real! Put yourself in an environment where a ton of the same influences have similar beliefs and goals as yours!
  3. Walk more, movement is medicine! If you are not active, and don’t train a few times a week than you are more than likely to become depressed and continue down a lazy lethargic path! Walking is proven to increase hip mobility, decrease back pain and stress, as well as adding life to your life span! Start doing it for 20 minutes a day!
  4. Stay consistent! Once you have a clear, structured, work out plan in place, the key is sticking to it and staying consistent! “I can’t really work out, because I’m super weak and get tired really fast.” If you start going to the gym a few times a week for a few weeks straight, you will at least make some sort of progress and probably more than you think!
  5. Do some things you hate to do! Stop being so monotonous about your health. You need to make personal challenges to help yourself to become better in certain areas! If you do not like to run or you do not like stretching, its more than likely because you suck at it! If you don’t like pushups because they are hard for you, then believe it or not, you should actually do them until you master them! You don’t have to do them every time you work out, but you will learn to like them more if you master them!