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Often I tell my clients that only come to FF 2x a week, that although that’s huge toward helping to accomplish goals, and to gain some structure, motivation and guidance in your weekly training, but there are 5 other days in the week! If 2 hours were spent with me at the gym, what did you do the other 166 hours in the week!

Training 2/3x a week with a trainer is very important. For the reasons I just mentioned. However in the grand scheme of things you must be doing some work outs on your own, whether its conditioning induced training to lose some extra weight, core training to strengthen problem areas, or even walking to help keep your activity level high etc.

The key is to push yourself, stay as consistent as you can, and to keep switching up your bodies stimulus without over exerting yourself. I actually think far too many people over train these days with all the high rep, plyometric, high central nervous system demand dominated training programs! Such as some cross fits, p90x and so on. However, don’t get me wrong were not one of the fattest countries in the world because we exercise too much.

So for those of you that train with me, and want to up your game outside of being with FF, here’s some “garage gym “ work outs for ya that also can be done anywhere on the earth as well.  Before I give you some work out ideas though, make sure you realize that great sleep, consistently getting your work outs in, low stress levels, great nutrition are the main ingredients to getting results! As far as equipment goes you can always be creative, however sometimes making a small investment in your health can go a long way! So if that means saving up and getting a new exercise “toy” each month then so be it! A set of dumbbells or a cheap ab wheel can really be helpful in the long run and you will not regret it!

The following work outs are for strength training and building muscle, and to help break a sweat and provide a conditioning aspect. I know there are millions of work outs and variations out there but the basics work best. Also I wanted you guys to have work outs that are time effective, cheap to put together and easy to set up anywhere at any time!


50 Rep each of kettlebell swing / Chin up challenge (if you don’t have a kettlebell use a dumbbell) use the door way to do chin ups! Simply get a weight that will challenge you in the swing and do 5 sets of 10 reps mixed in with 5 sets of 10 chins! Have fun!

Don’t know how to do to these movements? Or don’t think you can get 10 reps? Heres some regressions or some form of assistance you can use….

Here’s another great combo! YOU can use your imagination to load up the lunges if you don’t own “weights.” One time all I had was a 50lb bag of sand from home depot laying around so I used that as my resistance!

If you have limited space simply do the lunges in place! Try 5 sets of 10 pushups and 5 sets of 10 lunges each side! Do lunges then pushups one after the other! Keep quality form and work hard!

Try this one if you only have or own one dumbbell!  A full body work out with only one weight! Talk about not over complicating things!



Here’s a tough cardio work out that can be done in little space! Good old fashion shuttles! If you are beginner only do 30 total yards! 3 cones spread 5 yards apart from each other! The starting and stopping will get your heart pumping! Work hard for 10 to 20 mins and call it a day!

Or try my one of my favorite ways to condition! Simply grab 1 or 2 dumbbells and perform a series of movements for 5 to 8 reps with a light weight as fast as possible using quality form and try to do 3 to 6 rounds as quickly as you can accomplish it. This is called a complex!


 here’s some “do’s and do nots!”

One of my favorite core circuits is:

1a) Straight leg sit up 10 reps body weight for beginners or loaded for 10 reps for advanced

1b) ab wheel roll out 10 reps or plank for the beginner

1c) Anti rotation hold 20 secs each side

*do in a circuit fashion for 3 to 6 rounds*

No more excuses guys! If you don’t currently train away from FF pick an option and go to work! If you already kick ass outside of FF add one of these work outs to your arsenal! See you all in the gym this week!


Progressions & Regressions!

The exercises listed below are basic human movements required for survival. We litteraly perform them every day!

Most people dont know how to progress once they have accomplished a movement pattern and increase the challenge. Most people usually start off an exercise or movement pattern with an advanced progression way to soon, before mastering it, causing injury!

Some of us are more advanced and can perform these basic movements listed really well, so I will be teaching the advanced crowd how to progress and also some ways to challenge yourself further in the gym!

Some people cant come close to performing these movements in a gym and struggle with these patterns daily. I will be teaching this crowd how to properly and safely progress, and what steps and methods to take to get stronger, become more stable and to move better with them!

Enjoy the instructional videos below!