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The other night I had a cheat night. Then I started thinking, there should be a better approach to cheating. So here is my attempt to teach you guys how to properly cheat. Yes you are reading this correctly I am about to teach you the rules to cheating. We all do it, I do it, you do it, its inevitable. Nutrtion may be the most simple concept in the world, however the appliance and consistency of nutrition, may make nutrition one of the most tough everyday tasks there is! Lets be honest, the better you eat, the better you feel and look. However, this article is not to tell you not to cheat, which is damn near impossible and unrealistic, but rather to teach you how, when and why to cheat. Enjoy!


“If you cheat once during the day no big deal. Get back on track the rest of the day. “Dont get a flat tire and just say ok I’ll just total my car!” – Alwyn Cosgrove

(The how……)

Cheating is helathy, stressing out so much over food every five seconds, is raising your stress and cortisol levels and is why your gaining weight. Chill out and cheat. However, EARN IT! Stay disciplined 90% of the time and eat like an adult! 10% of the time or week feel free to cheat. So if you eat 5x a day, that’s 35 feedings, 3.5x a week go ahead and cheat!

2 slicesalot of food

Don’t ever binge! Don’t ever eat enough for 5 people. That’s not cheating, that’s wanting to get fat and not caring about your health anymore. Eat something that tastes good but not a lot of it! That way you don’t eat hundreds of calories without knowing it! You should be able to breath and walk after cheating. Think about cheat feedings instead of cheat meals! Just cheat! Don’t indulge. Pick one item you want and enjoy. Theres a big difference! Having a slice or 2 of pizza every here and there will NOT kill you! However stop there! Don’t eat the additional 3/4/5 hundred calories after those 2 slices. And if you do have the slices, why the fries and soda too? Enjoy the pizza that you were craving. Remember a cheat is a treat so don’t over do it! You will feel guilty.

If you work your ass off, and your daily/yearly actions are healthy, then enjoy a cheat!

Wait it out before you cheat! Go for a walk, wait for a bit and your urge will slow down to stuff your face!

Be honest with yourself, if you don’t deserve to cheat don’t do it! But on holidays, the super bowl etc if you don’t cheat thats unhealthy I don’t care what anybody says! No one said you couldn’t work out in the morning before these things though or walk at night after you cheat! Remember to earn it!

Eat slower! You will eat less I promise!

Why do we cheat?


Here is a mistake that we make when we are younger. We teach ourselves to eat salty and sugary foods that are obviously bad for us. As a result, we have learned to crave these foods. Not only do we crave them, we want to eat them until we feel full. If you are one of these people and need the full sensation I highly recommend eating until you are 80% full. If that is not obtainable one of my favorite things to do in this situation is to eat an avocado, 4 eggs, a banana, and some almonds. A lot of calories but a lot of GOOD calories.


When you don’t sleep enough, your hormones will be alterd and cause us to rely on foods higher in sugars! Donuts, pasteries, sugary drinks etc. If you don’t get enough sleep at night, you need to be more stict on what time you go to bed, how you are going to bed (dark room, quiet, cold etc) and eliminating anything that prevents you from this!


Stress causes us to become emotional, which can lead us to taking it out on 6 slices of pizza!


People often struggle with matching nutrition with their goals! If you are one to do a work out where you burn 500 calories and have a job that is strenuous and you burn a ton of calories throughout the day as well, eating a rediculously low amount of calories throughout the day so “you don’t get fat” will set you up for failure come night time. You will be starving, and then reside to binging. Same goes to you body builders and power lifters, If you are doing pure strength training, with little metabolic work or cardio work watch your carb / calorie intake during this time.


Similar to the point above if you are constantly running yourself into the ground and not using nutrition in its proper form to replenish and refuel your bodies needs, then you will break down mentally and physically resulting into over eating.



I am one that if it’s in front of me I eat it. So we just simply don’t buy junk and leave it in the house or order it when we go to eat. Heres where you have to be careful. If you are in it for some serious weight loss, chances are you will have to put those friends who influence you to make bad choices on the back burner for a bit. If you don’t have will power, dont hang with those that are going to put you in a lose situation.


Same as above. If you work in an enviorment that orders food constantly and makes horrible food decisions its time to pack your food and eat alone so your not tempted.



Heres probably the worst thing you can do. How can you not cheat when going out? Portion sizes are huge, temptation is everywhere, appetizers, desserts, you name it! That turkey burger you ate, that was “delicious and healthy too” had a whole stick of butter on the roll. Restaurants are buisnesses, they want you to return. Then theres fast food which is a cheap and tasty option. However you wont look at it that way in 5 years when your in the hosipital from all the horrific diseases fast foods cause!


(Try to do an intense work out previous to cheating at some point where you break a nice sweat and also try to walk for an hour or two after cheating)

2 slices of pizza / water

Grilled chicken / cheese fries / water

A soft pretzel / water / bag of almonds

Cheesesteak / water (THAT’S IT)

Pasta (a small bowl) / 1 slice of garlic bread not 2 / 2 meatballs not 6 / water

Beer / water / beer / water / beer / water drop it low in the club and then go home!

Listen, if I could never cheat or could get you guys to never cheat then I would. However lets keep it real, that’s not possible. We only live once! However these steps and this approach is how cheating should be done! Remember never binge just cheat! Any questions let me know!



bulkyOften when taking on new clients, they sometimes say “I really don’t want to bulk.” It’s important to understand that weight training, also known as resistance training, is used to decrease fat content on your body, build bone density, increase the strength of the tissue that connects your body together and more! Resistance training of and within its self does not make you bulky. Saying that all weight training makes you bulky is like saying all foods have the same physical effect. Of course that wouldn’t hold true. Some food is just simply more tasty than other food and obviously some foods are worse for you, have more calories and cause greater health risks. There are several types of methods, and styles of weight training that will suit your goals!

First off it is extremely difficult to actually get bulky. If you don’t want to bulk then do not train like a body builder! Ask any body builder how hard they have to train year round to simply put on a few pounds of muscle. Although body building methods are fun and can be helpful from time to time, body builders often use large quantities of sets and reps (volume), focusing on one muscle at a time, performing a ton of exercises and tension, to that muscle same muscle, the entire work out. This produces a large amount of lactic acid and growth hormone, giving the muscle being trained a greater chance to grow. However the chance is still slim unless proper recovery methods are used, and nutrition is perfected.

If you want to limit the chance of bulking, limit the following: (however please keep in mind sometimes it is good for the body to get some of the stimuli listed below)

Don’t use high volume work outs (50 reps or more would be considered high volume)

Be explosive when lifting (stay in control and don’t let momentum take over) but the less time under tension a muscle endures the less chance for growth

Don’t compound set too often (once in a while is good to challenge yourself)

(a compound set = 2 exercises using the same muscle group)

Be careful with your exercise selection. Some exercises give you a (very slightly) better chance to bulk. (Although the following exercises should be performed in your training program, the amount of frequency in which you do them each week will vary.) For instance if you don’t want to bulk don’t perform these exercises every single week 4/5x a week!

Barbell back and front squats

Barbell conventional dead lifts

Bench press

Over head exercises

If your goals are simply to decrease body fat, get stronger, look, move, and feel better, make sure you understand the following concepts. …


Super sets:

Opposite joint actions – bench press to dumbbell row (a great way to get the whole body involved, get more done then sitting around before sets, and burn calories) if you do not do this for a ton of sets and reps then you will not bulk!

Compound Sets:

As mentioned above, compound sets focus on 2 of the same muscle groups back to back. An example of this would be a bench press to push up. Again this type of set is more friendly to bulking however is good to do from time to time, even if your not trying to bulk for challenging purposes and giving your body a new stimuli!

Pre exhaust:

Exhausting a muscle using a single joint exercise then performing a compound exercise. An example of this would be tricep skull crushers, as it works the triceps in a single joint fashion right into push up, which is a chest / tricep / deltoid exercise!

Alternating upper / lower:

This is great system to use if trying to cut body fat! Lets take an example alternating set like a squat to pull up! This creates a great deal of caloric disturbance throughout the body! This is due to the fact, that the quads and butt are being worked and fire up in the squat then your back and arms are forced to work from the pull ups! Your body is now kicked into gear in a good way!

There are many other types of sets but these are our go to at FF!


REPS are also another important topic to understand! Most people think resistance training is this monotonous thing where you use the same weight and same rep protocol each and every work out every time! Your body simply adapts and gets used to the stress. You must give yourself a diet of a mixture of everything! Especially the following…..

Strength / Power training:

Low reps about 1-6 with about 3-5 minute rest HEAVY WEIGHT

*benefits = activates more muscles firing at one time and develops your central nervous system and overall ability to move heavy weight


Medium reps about 6 to 12nd 60 to 90 sec between sets MODERATE WEIGHT

*benefits = increases muscle mass


High reps 12+ about 30 sec or less rep A LITTLE HEAVIER THEN LIGHT WEIGHT

*benefits = develops your body’s ability to maintain loads over a longer period of time and tolerate it more


So hopefully you guys realize that simply doing “weight training” doesn’t mean weight training to bulk! It can if you want it to though! Weight training is extremely important for the body, you want to make sure you do it consistently, however the goals that you want to accomplish will be dictated by the way you go about your weight training protocols, types of sets and reps you choose in your programming!

Any questions let me know!