Train to Live “The only difference between a grave and a rut is the depth.”


When at the gym have you ever stopped and asked yourself why am I really doing training? Do you honestly really understand the true importance to training? If you do not exercise, I would go as far as saying that I think you are making the world’s greatest mistake!  If you are currently exercising, the key for you is to stay consistent, train properly, and become injury free!  If you have 21 injuries and think “that’s just what happens when you lift weights, work out, and run” you are very naïve and very wrong! Looking good is a great goal but only a partial reason to train. You must exercise and eat clean daily to gain the incredible benefits of training! Here I go for saying things I probably shouldn’t out loud but I have never been the guy scared to state the obvious. Let’s be honest, everybody hates draw backs.  In business or everyday life people who can’t perform daily activities due to things like joint pain, obesity, and simply having a lazy lethargic, sluggish attitude are a draw back. It’s time to cut the BS and use the benefits of exercise to become more motivated, positive, and a better you! Here are some motivating concepts and reasons to get started and keep focused!





Although net health should be your ultimate goal, exercise will help you look better! Your skin, your hair, your size and shape to name a few things! Exercise often helps to decrease the amount of body fat you have and to increase your lean body mass!  This helps with confidence! The way you feel about your appearance on the outside directly reflects the way you handle yourself and appear on the inside!


Science tells us that exercise makes us feel better! Did you know that exercise decreases the chance for illness, cancer, and cardiovascular disease?  These are just a few examples of the health benefits. Remember medicine was created over the years; the only medicine used back in Roman times was exercise and a high daily activity level.  Use exercise to keep the mind and body in tip top shape! Are you really ok with needing or just taking some meds? I know I’m not.  In fact a ton of people are actually able to get off some joint pain, high blood pressure, medicines after implementing training into their daily routine! Also exercise is proven to decrease stress levels and depression! Have you ever noticed the difference in approach and appearance from those whom train versus those whom don’t? Those who do train often times are extremely confident, energetic, seem like they have lower stress levels, show more patience and are more fun to be around. (If they are not over training, this will be discussed on another blog post) In fact in today’s world you’re considered a “stand out” if you’re energetic and positive about life. This is a downright shame to me that there is even another option than to be positive and energetic daily but that’s for a different discussion! People who train get the  “feel good” hormone response and it reflects!pills


Exercise also helps to build the muscle tissue in the body! It also helps your bones to become stronger and grow! The human body is a gravity fighting machine! You must keep bones and muscle tissue strong to prevent gravity from taking over and destroying your posture! Aside from all the amazing benefits exercise does for strengthening your heart, putting your body through movement patterns also helps to increase range of motion at the working joints and muscles! Remember if the joint above or below is “stuck” “weak” or no longer knows how to work from losing its function there will be compensation patterns that occur. Compensation patterns will result in joint pain or injury’s taking place at some point in time!evolution-man-computer


If you exercise now you will prevent deterioration in your later years! Make a choice now to live a longer and higher quality life! Paul Chek a world known and licensed Holistic Health Practitioner Certified Neuromuscular Therapist, Clinical Exercise Specialist (ACE) and a big name in the strength and conditioning world once said something that I took note too.  “Most people are dead at thirty-five, they just walk around for another thirty to forty more years.” Do not be one of these people! Do the things you need to do to maintain and continuously get yourself into a greater state of health!



One thought on “Train to Live “The only difference between a grave and a rut is the depth.”

  1. qcatqwerty says:

    Very good post; Nothing like reading over the benefits of exercise to keep motivated! 🙂
    Thanks for following me; I appreciate it. Looking forward to reading more from you. All the best! 🙂

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